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You may wish to go to the earliest entries and read through them in order. This has been a personally difficulty year for me as I have had some medical issues. I long for you touch, your laugh, and I try to be the best I can until the day I can see you again my son, my first born.Through the words of others, will come to know a young man who impressed and moved people with his strength of character and generosity of spirit. I love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.I said I was going to my Grandmother's and having a big fish dinner - and there was no way I going into labor on New Year's Eve unless he could guarantee I would have the baby at 12 midnight - and get some gifts. Mays said he couldn't time it that way, so I said see him after the Eve.He said I was about 4 cm and my mucous plug had passed so he would probably see me in a couple of hours!I can't believe the changes in these past 11 years- yet so much is unchanged. But Paul, you know I am not a patient woman - can't you put in a good word for me?You would so impressed by embracing of the computer and my ability to use Blackboard and Open Lab with my students. Grandpa has hung on like the energizer Bunny - his doctor says, "my patient Jerry - you are still alive! But I am seeing a definite downturn - I hate to see him deteriorating and this long slow decline. She has 1 more year at Columbia - I will be guest speaker at her Health Policy Class next month and for the first time we will attend a professional conference together. September 11, 2012 PM EDT Paul is in our thoughts in a special way today He is our thoughts everyday. We have lost touch but you are all still in our thoughts.Maybe it was the Brandy Alexander I had but maybe it was mind over matter. He promised me he would wait until he delivered my baby and he did. If he wasn't the attending doctor I would have had a C/S - the nurses were only too eager to inform me how lucky I was that Dr.

He died at the age of 22, on the 100th floor of Tower One, where he had worked for about a year.I always said I would get to tell the story every year and I couldn't wait to tell it to your future wife- but that did not happen.Now, I tell it in writing to your on line "guest book" and I relive it in my head.I barely have gray hair at 57 - my side doesn't seem to go gray until after 60.I know you would still be smiling and quick - I didn't slow down until after 55 - though my students don't think of me as slow.

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